Iboga is the «grandfather and queen mother» of all medicine plants, probably the most powerful plant medicine on earth. In Gabon it is known as the tree of knowledge and life. Iboga is the only plant medicine that works on 3 levels: physical healing, spiritual healing and spiritual discovery.
It is a powerful detoxifier and it resets the body on a cellular level.

Highly successful with spiritual healing, this medicine awakens the spirit and soul by often facilitating visions which enable the member/ participant to clear past trauma, and get rid of anything that is holding them back from living a life of joy and purpose. 

Our Iboga is imported from Gabon, Africa. It comes from a sister Bwiti community, cultivated with love, respect, tradition, and is from the highest quality (at least 10 years old). Following the Bwiti tradition: never to harm nature, our  brothers and sisters only take some of the roots without harming the tree. We work with the second layer of the root bark, which has the highest amount of alkaloid content. Including, high amounts of Ibogaine, and 14 plus alkaloids. All these are beneficial in providing the possibility to reach very deep levels of truth and physical healing, staying in your body from 4 to 6 months.


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