Who We Are

Discover Iboga Church of America is a spiritual learning and healing center. Our mission is to help the community and the people in need with spiritual guidance to reconnect to your self(soul) and the creator, spiritual support, healing practices, and sacred Iboga ceremonies. We believe that life is the greatest gift one can have. We believe in seeking our truth, to have a direct connection with the soul and the Creator and that we are part of nature. Nature must be respected and protected. Iboga, ”the tree of life and Knowledge” is our holy sacrament and teacher. As citizens of this nation we retain the rights to use Iboga as tools for the benefit of our physical health, spiritual growth, and personal evolution. We also work to protect the spiritual ceremonies, sacred practices, and healing ways of Bwiti traditions. Discover Iboga Church of America is in the process of filing a DEA exemption. 


Our Team