Bwiti Tradition

Bwiti is a spiritual discipline born in the jungles of Gabon, Africa about 4000 years ago. The Pygmies of West Central Africa where the first humans  that found Iboga and connected with the Spirit of Iboga. The Bwiti tradition then eventually emerged from the teachings, usage and practice of this medicine. Bwiti is a school of life and  a spiritual path of self-discovery. It is simply the study of life itself, through that study a mastery in the art of living the truth, happiness and  freedom with no material or emotional attachments.
The Bwiti emphasizes the value of direct communion with ancestors and spirit through the tree of life, Iboga. Through the consumption of this sacred shrub they have  obtained  wisdom, teaching, music, medicine and healing methods. Everything learned in this tradition is shared orally from generation to generation.

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We have created a what to expect page, so that you can be prepared for your life transformation.


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– Comfortable clothes for 7 days retreat
– Bug spray (preferred natural). 
– Sun block.
– Underwear that you can leave behind preferably white or red for your spiritual shower.
– Toiletries.
– A list of questions for your psycho- spiritual ceremony.
– For the ladies red or white tank top for pre initiation ceremony.
– For men white top or no top for pre initiation ceremony.
– We suggest a notebook for a journaling your experience. 
– A positive attitude and no expectations.

It is important to review the medical guidelines before you book a retreat. Contact us if you have further questions.


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Please come with no expectations!! There is no diet needed because Iboga has great detox powers. We will provide with healthy food trouout the retreat to replenish your body before and after ceremonies.

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