Code of ethics

  • Discover Iboga Church of America healers are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom for all Members and Authorized Participants, mass or during ceremonies.
  • The autonomy and dignity of each Member and/or Authorized Participant are respected and preserved by discover Iboga healers. Participation in any Discover Iboga Church of America Medicine Ceremony must be voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given by each participant while in an ordinary state of consciousness.
  1. Disclosure shall include, at a minimum, discussion of any elements of the ceremony that could reasonably be presenting physical or psychological risks. First time Authorized Participants must be advised that Iboga Ceremonies can be difficult and dramatically transforming.
  2. Health and Safety during the ceremony and the few hours of vulnerability that may follow a ceremony are watched over carefully with reasonable preparations by the healers.
  3. Limits on the behaviors of Members and Authorized Participants and Medicine People are to be made clear and agreed upon in advance of any iboga ceremony.
  4. Cultural/religious customs and confidentiality are to be accepted and honored.
  • Medicine People pledge to protect participants and not to allow anyone to use that vulnerability in ways that harm themselves or others.
  • Discover Iboga Church of America keeps official logs of when the medicine arrives, how it is stored and how it is dispensed. The medicine is stored in a secure, locked place where only the Providers have access to it. Only official church Providers can distribute the medicine to Members.
  • Discover Iboga Church of America makes absolutely no claims about being in authority or having the ability to conduct saving ordinances.
  • Discover Iboga Church of America is part of the Bwiti indigenous people, traditional, spiritual Earth Based healing and empowering international religion and collective that serves individuals and the wider community when and wherever a Discover Iboga Church of America member may reside in.
  • Discover Iboga Church of America is committed to growth through the attraction of service rather than proselytizing for membership.
  • Discover Iboga Church of America does not condone in any manner, shape, or form, the utilization of any substance or remedy for any condition of any kind that is addictive and/or with overdosing abilities that bring about death