Fire Talk

Fire Talk

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Traditionally, each Bwiti ceremony starts around the fire, as the fire spirit is a great protector, its smoke serves as a runway for the spirits to enter and assist. 
During the fireside talk, Bwiti teachings are shared to set a stage of introspection.

The talks impart vital wisdom, that we can use in our everyday lives. Learning about who we are, the miracle of life, the ways to connect to our soul, overriding the ego, empowering ourselves, finding inner peace, and learning how to release our past and accepting the new beginning.

The fireside ceremony is crucial. Iboga does 60% of the healing but the fire talks are 40% of the healing, providing you with enlightening and healing information. Guests will enter the ceremony with these teachings at the forefront of their awareness, just before taking the medicine.

Bwiti music is an integral part of the ceremony. As providers, we refer to the music as the ‘GUIDE,’ of the journey. If at any point we are wrestling with our mind, we can stop and focus all of our attention to the music. It helps us move away from the surface chatter of the ego, to dive deeper into the medicine and our own truth.

The most crucial part of the journey continues throughout the following morning. Just after dawn breaks, guests are escorted back to their rooms to begin a day of rest and discovery. This entire day is about introspection, and typically is spent with no sleep, reviewing the messages and teachings we have received from Iboga. This day can sometimes be more important than the ceremony itself.

The use of any electronic devices, as well as communication with anyone outside of the retreat, is restricted on recovery day. This time should be focused fully on healing and integrating, with no external distractions.

There is honor in what this experience reveals to us, this is a heroic journey and you will be an improved person for it. Embrace each moment, because the journey with Iboga is the opportunity of a lifetime! We are here to support every part of the process and to help guide you into your own truth.

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