Carol Jaramillo

Medicine Provider

* Founder of Discover Iboga Church of America

* Iboga Provider / Medicine Woman / Healer

* Bwiti Initiated and completed with the first rite of passage

I was born in the Andes Mountains where the equatorial line divides the world into north and south, «Mitad del mundo».
A magical place where the energy flows strong and the people are sensitive to it like an everyday normal thing in our lifestyle.

Moving to the United States where the culture is different I lost the connection with mother earth and myself , even though i was successful I became somehow depressed.
One day I was invited to an Ayahuasca ceremony in Soul Quest where I had a very clear vision that I had to go to Africa to learn about myself, life and happiness, simultaneously my sister, Diana had some revelations about an african root, so we realize that the path was the same for both of us. After months of search and planing we were able to fly to Gabon – Africa where we were welcome in the Bwiti community and met our father, a 10th generation shaman showed us the bwiti life, their teaching and traditions.

After extensive training for months,  going to many ceremonies, right of passage and my first initiation I was blessed by the Grand Spirits and Ancestors to become a healer and medicine woman. My mission now is to help people to connect to their souls, so they can be free of fears and find happiness, abundance in life with the connection of the Mother Earth, The Spirits  and Nature’s Elements.