Diana Jaramillo

Founder- Medicine Woman

* Founder of Discover Iboga Church of America

* Iboga Provider / Medicine Woman / Healer

* Bwiti Initiated and completed with the first rite of passage

Born and raised in Ecuador -South America, Diana since a young age was involved in Ancestral Traditional healing Ceremonies and helping people. She Grew up close to a Shaman In Quito, by 12 she assisted many Healing plant medicine ceremonies by playing music, chanting, and helping with the spiritual work and preparation. After Studying Pre-Medicine, She enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medicine School to learn more about other ancestral traditions, plants, herbs, and other healing modalities. She is the former founder of Pradna Medical Spa in Ecuador and Orlando.

Diana’s journey with Iboga began in 2018 when she started to feel disconnected from her career and where she was at with her personal life. Earlier that year, Diana and her sister Carol, experienced the plant medicine Ayahuasca at Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth. During that experience, it was revealed to Diana the way to change her life and reach the truth, “ to look for the root in Africa ”.  A few weeks later The Iboga Spirit started presenting itself in many conversations with others, thoughts, and insights. Carol had some intense visual revelations of a root growing in Africa, and after many conversations, these close sisters decided to pursue a search for their Master Plant. After months of searching they were blessed to come across their spiritual Father, a 10th generation Moughenda a  Bwiti Shaman In Gabon, Africa. It was shortly after when they left for Gabon making many sacrifices to make the trip and start the healing and shortly after the training to become an Iboga healers/providers and mainly become part of the Bwiti. Diana’s experience in Africa was unique. «In Africa, I had some of the most valuable experiences. I learned more about myself. I learned how to get in touch with my soul and accepting my truth to live in a positive way. The village and the  Bwiti tradition is something I’m thankful everyday for and to show my gratitude I’m ready to share the knowledge and the love of iboga in America

After becoming passionate about this 4000-year-old tradition Diana and Carol came back to the United States and Founded Discover Iboga Church of America, the first Bwiti /Iboga Church in the United States, with the sole mission to help people heal and find the path of true happiness.

Diana is also currently pursuing a nursing degree as part of this healing path.